JOHO, LLC is led by two passionate, highly motivated Business Intelligence professionals with 30+ years of combined experience delivering successful solutions in the U.S. and internationally.

Jim Rohde, Founder and CEO, has an accounting background with a specialty in designing and providing complex analytics. He couples that with years of experience creating the transformation processes that provide the foundation and framework for data models. These data models provide the consistent views of your information across all delivery modes.

Bill Goulet, SVP Business Solutions, has a unique blend of experience as a senior financial institution executive and as a financial software product specialist. He is well versed in core processing and various end-user reporting solutions. Bill’s tag line – “Where there’s a Bill, there’s a way” – serves JOHO customers well.
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JOHO provides a detailed ROI analysis throughout the customer life cyle using financial institution parameters and input to ensure that our customers can connect and monitor the value provided by our JOHO OneSource™ solution. This detailed analysis takes the guesswork out of project cost estimating and provides transparency to the actual value of the total solution (TCO – total cost of ownership over time). These concise ROI calculations, coupled with a streamlined company, allow JOHO to provide extremely cost effective solutions while delivering superior business value.

JOHO provides its customers with risk mitigation on many key levels, including:

  • Technical Level –  the ability to process any data streams or inputs that your institution uses, including core and ancillary systems, as well as external inputs provides freedom from being locked in to any single vendor without the fear of losing reporting and analytical capabilities if an input source is changed. This enables our customers to evaluate operational systems that are best suited to the institution’s processing and business needs.
  • Human Resource Level –  your institution is not dependent on limited resources who may be a lone source of knowledge on a critical reporting system. Your institution is vulnerable if this individual is no longer available due to reassignment or accepting a new position outside the organization. JOHO mitigates the risk of losing a key resource and frees up existing resources to provide even more value across the breadth of the organization.
  • Financial Level –  JOHO utilizes the Agile methodology of development, implementation, and training to provide an effective, mutually beneficial payment plan tied to agreed-upon project deliverables. This mitigates the risk of high initial cash outlays with an elongated implementation cycle before productive benefits and value can be realized.

As a company, we are staffed with passionate, competent, highly skilled, customer focused, and driven individuals motivated by providing excellent, high value solutions to you.

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