Can reports created within JOHO OneSource™ be exported out and viewed in a program such as Excel?

JOHO OneSource™ reports can be exported in a variety of formats:

Does the JOHO OneSource™ solution perform householding?

The JOHO OneSource™ data warehouse contains customer data from multiple sources, allowing you to group related individuals based on rules you define. Once defined and applied, household filters can be applied to any report or visual analysis of your data.

What skill sets do we need within our organization in order to support JOHO OneSource™?

Both business and technical staff will need to be identified to effectively support your JOHO OneSource™ solution. From the business perspective, JOHO OneSource™ will train key staff to create Self Service reporting and content for the organization. They will also be fully trained on navigating and working with the various views of your data similar to what has been presented during the demonstration. To be successful your team will need to understand the banking and reporting requirements of the organization but they will not need to be technically proficient.

  • From technical perspective, your existing server support staff (permanent or contracted employee) should be sufficient. They will manage the back-up process and updates to the JOHO OneSource™ server. JOHO will provide scripts to perform routine tasks.

Is the JOHO OneSource™ solution hosted in the cloud or on a server in-house?

JOHO OneSource™ will be installed on an in-house server behind your firewall to provide maximum security, performance, and control.

Do the dashboards we were shown come with the system or do we need to create them ourselves?

JOHO OneSource™ comes with all the base system dashboards that you viewed in the demonstration as well as other dashboards built for your institution based on the results of the JOHO AYR(Are You Ready) ™ BI (Business Intelligence) assessment. Additionally, you will have the capability to build your own dashboards once the JOHO OneSource™ solution is deployed.

Can JOHO OneSource™ Portal reports be modified?

You can make copies of the standard JOHO OneSource™ reports and modify the copied reports to suit your needs. These versions can be saved and reproduced on demand or on a scheduled basis. All of the original JOHO OneSource™ reports cannot be modified to insure data integrity.

Can we create our own reports and dashboards in a self-serve environment?

Yes, the self-service BI (Business Intelligence) option allows a wider group of people access to create their own business intelligence content. The content can be distributed to the individual or any group of individuals deemed appropriate. Training will be provided to key individuals during the implementation phase of the project.

How will the solution help us gain more consistency and depth in our reporting?

The consistency is derived from the entire institution utilizing the same data model, and not falling back on the outdated practice of taking core processing information offline into Excel for manipulation. The depth lies in the ability to create reports that are aggregated with the ability to drill down all the way to the transactional or account details with a click of a button.

How can we use JOHO OneSource™ to gain a better understanding of the customer?

Since the JOHO OneSource™ data warehouse functions as a single, scrubbed, indexed and aggregated storage location for information from your core and ancillary production systems, you’re able to consolidate views of the customers reflecting all of their transaction activity and account balance trending. Analyzing transactional past behavior can help you predict future behavior.

Is the JOHO AYR™ (Are You Ready) assessment required? We already have a handle on the systems we have installed and running.

The JOHO AYR™ assessment is a required first step in the process of building a sound and usable JOHO OneSource™ solution. The process is detailed and involves interviewing key members of the leadership and operational teams. Once the input is comingled, presented and evaluated the project sponsors and executives will be able to prioritize the critical or highest return items to be implemented first. This prioritization will flow into the Statement of Work to build the JOHO OneSource™ allowing all parties to focus on a successful process. This is the key factor that will lead to a successful implementation and return of investment for your institution.

Do we really need a data warehouse if we have a core processing system that is fully integrated with our ancillary processing systems?

Core processing systems, along with integrated ancillary systems provide for comprehensive operational reporting and point in time reporting (Month-end for example). When analytical information is desired to speed-up or enhance the decision making and planning process, then a data warehouse implementation like JOHO OneSource™ is better suited. Contact us for a more in depth discussion of how JOHO OneSource™ can make our tagline “Powerful Insights for Financial Institutions™” come alive for you.