Does it take you too long to produce trending, regulatory and scorecard reports to make a decision?

Are you making strategic business decisions based on stale data?

Has your organization been trying to monetize your data, but you’ve been unable to break free of data silos?

If your answer is yes to one or all of these questions, then JOHO OneSource™ may be a strategic solution worth exploring for you.

JOHO OneSource™ is an enterprise-wide solution tailored to your institution’s reporting and information needs that:

  • Combines multiple data sources
  • Produces loan, general ledger, and deposit dashboards
  • Automates data accumulation for reporting
  • Produces board reports by providing consistent information while reducing manual intervention and eventually replacing the current systems
  • Automatically sends scorecards that are dynamically updated
  • Gives your organization the ability to make better decisions faster

During your review of JOHO OneSource™ you’ll find that the solution will serve your organization by:

  • Decreasing the time it takes to prepare financial reports
  • Creates consistent reporting access across all applications, e.g.
    • Improved compliance reporting
    • Identification of data discrepancies (exception reporting)
  • Minimizing manual data entry for all personnel, resulting in improved productivity
  • Reducing single points of failure within the personnel structure
  • Improving the speed of accessing consolidated financial information
  • Providing trending for maturity Information
  • Preparing for upcoming regulation compliance:
    • CECL (Current Expected Credit Loss‎)
  • Enhances your 360-degree view of customer
  • Forms a foundation for future information storage and reporting needs
  • Lowers your dependence on core and ancillary systems vendors, therefore allowing those systems to migrate without changing executive reporting or losing history
  • Allows your organization to acquire ancillary subsystems based on operational value, not available reporting
  • Improves your reporting without adding staff

Our JOHO team works closely with your organization to identify relevant metrics to monitor.  We locate the data required to track those metrics and import that information into a single source, so we can deliver interactive dashboards, scorecards, and reports.  The reports analyze performance by date, location, employee, product, customer, and household.

In summary, JOHO OneSource™ provides powerful insights to the right people, at the right time, in a consistent format. The product is an enterprise business intelligence solution that incorporates data from multiple internal and external sources, to enable you to make data-driven decisions based on powerful insights.