The JOHO Are You Ready™ assessment evaluates your organization’s reporting and analytics requirements, as well as your readiness to launch an effective business intelligence strategy. During this 1 – 2 week engagement, we interview key stakeholders and work with management, IT, and business users to identify low effort, high impact initiatives that will deliver a quick ROI. Whether you have an existing data warehouse in place or are just starting out, this process will identify the critical gaps between your company’s current state and desired state, and outline a roadmap of specific recommendations based on management’s strategic goals and initiatives.
JOHO Success Check-ins™
Included with your JOHO OneSource™ solution are a minimum of two regularly scheduled checkups to understand the evolving challenges and business plans at your financial institution.
JOHO ROI Review™
Part of the JOHO process is the use of detailed ROI analysis based on your input and goals to determine the viability of a JOHO OneSource™ solution. We will also provided an updated ROI analysis annually to insure we are both tracking the ongoing return on your investment.
Contract Negotiations
Contract negotiations can be extremely challenging and without detailed statistics to get a true picture of transactions by channel, you may be missing the necessary information to negotiate from a position of strength. We can provide this information on a regular or ad-hoc basis, depending on your information needs. We’re here to help you. Knowledge is power – we can provide the tools to help you understand your past, present, and potential future transactions by channel.
JOHO Vendor Optimization™
Ask us how we can provide a concise store of information about all of your contracted vendors’ statistics to help you manage your relationships more proactively and effectively.
Special Projects
From time to time, you’re likely to encounter challenging data-related projects. Rather than permanently staff for these situations, leverage our partnership and core competency to provide the resources and expertise to meet your needs. Whether you need to mine a unique set of data using complicated rules or want to build and automate a recurring extract, JOHO analysts can deliver a solution.