Included with your JOHO OneSource™ solution are a minimum of two regularly scheduled checkups during the year to understand the evolving challenges and business plans at your financial institution. During the check-ins, we revisit the original project goals, evaluate progress, and discuss appropriate changes, if any, to remain on target.

The success check-ins will also serve as an opportunity to review any recent or proposed upcoming personnel changes perceived to impact the information reporting structure in your institution. As your information reporting partner, we will work with you to ensure that these changes are accounted for in your JOHO OneSource™ solution. If you have recently hired or reassigned individuals with different skillsets, we can discuss maximizing their impact with new or enhanced reporting deliverables.

This will also be the time to review the built-in JOHO OneSource™ reporting statistics to determine if any reports are no longer being used. We will be able to review utilization by role or department. Finally, the JOHO Success Check-In™ will provide an opportunity to review enhancements to the data model or any new reporting functionality.

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